Mistress Rules

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Deanna was so breathtakingly beautiful, I couldn't stop her from making me orally satisfy her sexual whims, who would want to? It was when my supervisor,...

Last Mistress Standing

Thumbnail Last Mistress Standing
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My computer repair classmate Marlene was subtly reeling me in for her submissive catch while her friend Tanya was dominating the hottest teacher this side of...

Timmys Forced Servitude

Thumbnail Timmys Forced Servitude
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Young Timothy Colbert was quietly consoling his work related worries by sipping on a brew in a local bar and grille. He barely noticed when a...

By His Short Hairs

Thumbnail By His Short Hairs
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Could I help it the damn screen was showing such an explicit sexually charged photo? No way I could know the girl sitting on the mans...

Mistress Of Mischief

Thumbnail Mistress Of Mischief
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It wasn't just having to remove my under shorts in the mens room for the girls who were forcing me to. That was degrading enough but...


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Howard Lipman, was just a high school graduate accepting a job with a local bank. How could he know the women who worked there, would be...

Odessas Penis Puppet

Thumbnail Odessas Penis Puppet
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Just 23, Franklin Ludlow applies for a job with a temporary help agency. Inadvertently his pants zipper breaks. That fateful day was just the beginning to...

Astrology Guide For Beginners

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Beginners guide to understanding the fascinating study of astrology. Can the planets rule what your life and destiny are going to be but more importantly, how...